Saturday, November 6, 2010

AraBYRD "Arafah" on Rawkabilly Ski Jumper!

Arabyrd aka Arafah with DIDI RAMLAN(photographer) did a photography session, awesomely done with these piec of art pictures and on top of that, Rawkabilly SKI JUMPER was in it too!

Thanx Arafah xx ARABYRD
(Young heart performer of KL)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Aishah in "Detik 12 Malam" & Faith in "Harian Metro"

Thanx to Faith & also to my other friend Aishah (who did act in telemovie "Detik 12 Malam"), Rawkabilly are gladly to get involved more in wardrobe business for the actresses and actors especially in Malaysia film industry.

Faith (Nur Faith Ahmad Zakie), a friend of mine, made it in a telemovie "Siti Kelembai" every evening from Monday to Thursday (4.30pm) at TV3 with Rawkabilly outfit and did a photoshoot for our local newspaper "Harian Metro" today 2nd November 2010. Really glad that she managed to put herself and Rawkabilly vintage out there as the outfit for her to act in the telemovie.