Thursday, February 24, 2011

Once upon a time with NONA (TV3) Video shoot!

NONA (lifestyle TV program targeted for woman) interviewed Rawkabilly exclusively for their vintage segment on Sunday rainy morning. For the first few hour, we decided not to shoot outdoor because the rain was pretty heavy and the interview took place in my house, I showed them all of my collections, since the collection is in the house, we waited patiently till the rain stops. But eventually the weather was still not so good because it was still drizzling. But AH well! Umbrella is our only savior at that moment! SO Thank You NONA for having us for that segment! (I know it's a bit too late aite! Better late than never!)

P/S: Some of the collections were showed in NONA, think about 8 months ago! :D

Love Rawkabilly!

Vintage on TOPSHOP day

Tuesday night, a night where TOPSHOP launched their new look of the branch in KLCC. As usual everybody was trying their best to wear all their TOPSHOP look from head to toe. Everybody was ready to snap snap on the TOPSHOP board. Celebrities, models, designers, bloggers and DJs took part in this very eventful night, a night with cocktail, look awesome and noticed day. The runaway show was just perfect, the models looks stunning with their SPRING collection and it was just overwhelming. BUT,on that very night, I have decided to wear a dress from one of my vintage collection (Rawkabilly collection). A lot of people thought the dress is from TOPSHOP. I've managed put a statement there that vintage are still in, no matter in what occasion you are in.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Accident stopped me from "ber" vintage!

Accidentally got into an accident two weeks ago, injured my neck badly, on multiple fractured, slipped disc and chipped bone! Not cool but will definitely continue my vintage hunting soon & will update this blog with more fashion love! :P Craving to get fashionable ladies! Wish me well lovelies! Talk soon~ Muax Xoxo

P/S: The vintage squad will hit the road again for vintage hunting soon. Buck up and gear up coz Rawkabilly will rawk the season with the old new stuffs!